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Repair Services

According to the shape of a distinction between:
tiles with the bookmark (IL), profiled or flat,
tiles without bookmarks (NL)
tiles with a regular edge of the front (RF)
tiles with irregular edge of the front (IF).

As a result, the diversity of models, tiles have different dimensions. The total length of the roof tiles are typically 420 mm and average width of the facing 170, 200 and 300 mm.

DIN EN 490 lists the following requirements for material to be studied: the length of the suspension (l1), Squareness, tile width (cw), equality, mounting holes, carrying capacity, water resistance, frost resistance, noses to the suspension.

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Types of materials

In the building materials market is several kinds of tiles, briefly describe the most popular. The first type is a cement roof tiles, which are used in the case of sloping roofs. Such tiles are derived from the mortar, whose main component is quartz sand. Their production is used ceglarskich presses and pressing the fight. And what resources are necessary to ensure that the tiles were created? Necessary for their production are: quartz sand, cement and colored pigments. By adding additional resources and other materials can change the properties of mortar on the tiles. Most
The surfaces are mostly smooth tiles, rough surfaces are obtained by wpiekanie colored granules.

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Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings appear with ever greater frequency in the buildings of public utility. This is mainly due to the fact that such buildings often appear cameras, fire detectors, diffusers, or sprinklers. In addition, false ceilings just nicely presented, which is obviously irrelevant to the modern investor. If we reflect on the choice of such a ceiling should be guided by a number of technical criteria. First you need to take into account what is the access to the ceiling installation. It is quite an important issue, especially if the repair will be needed if widening lighting. Another important thing are the acoustic properties. I am thinking, inter alia, the absorption of airborne sound. This is especially important in the case of such spaces as conference room, auditorium. In addition, adequate acoustics makes increases comfort and improves the well-being. Another important issue when choosing the ceiling is a matter connected to the gun wall. In addition to these things also play a big role economic criteria.

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Building materials

Building materials must have certain technical characteristics that have been released on the market. What counts are the traits of physical, mechanical, physicochemical and chemical. Construction materials are of course a well-controlled during production and their reception at the site. Checks, inter alia, the best before date, dimensions, construction materials, and in addition there is laboratory control. Quality control is very important, because only the proper quality of construction materials can ensure the sustainability of buildings, or building. There is no uniform distribution of building materials, it is carried out in several ways, among others, depending on destination. And so the market available building materials such as concrete, stone materials, insulation materials, ceramic materials, roofing materials, wall materials, construction materials. Of course, this is not the whole range of construction materials. As in other areas so, and here plays a big role of technology. With time, and that new development is discontinued the use of certain building materials. In their place come new and have new applications.
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